Burt Munro "Offerings To The God Of Speed"

The "Legend" Burt Munro represents the Spirit of our chapter. His life and
endurance in achieving his goals was amazing. Please see the information and 
videos below. You may have noticed a lot of "Burt" incorporated in the AMCA
Legends Chapter. His drive and determination fuels our chapter. We hope Burt
inspires all our members and in the AMCA.
The Legends official logo was from Roger Donaldson's great film "The Worlds

Fastest Indian " staring Anthony Hopkins. Roger made the documentary of the

real Burt in the early 70's  "Offerings To The God Of Speed”.  He has
made many featured successful films since including "The Worlds Fastest
Indian". The Amca Legends Chapter has gained permission from Roger to use
"Burts" Image in our logo. We are very grateful to Roger and Burt.

Roger Donaldson -Director-Producer
Offerings to the God Of Speed and
The Worlds Fastest Indian.

The World's Fastest Indian   
Anthony Hopkins

Offerings To The God Of Speed Pt.1

Offerings To The God Of Speed Pt.2

Offerings To The God Of Speed Pt.3

"The World's Fastest Indian" Trailer